Speed boat rides in Andaman!

Speed boat rides in Andaman are a must-have experience if you want to explore the seashore in an exciting way. Located in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. It is home to many amazing islands and islets, which makes it the perfect place for a speed boat ride.

Speed boat rides offer breathtaking views of stunning beaches, lush green vegetation and rich marine life. On a speed boat ride, you can witness the pristine beauty of the sea and its surrounding islands as you explore them at much faster speeds than on a normal boat.

The boat ride is sure to give you an adrenaline rush with its thrilling speed and curves. You can take a lap of Andaman’s several creeks and bays, which offer tranquil waters and picturesque views of the islands. Andaman is also a great spot for spotting dolphins and whales, so you can expect to be delighted by these rare sightings during your speed boat ride.

These are an ideal way to explore the islands and get a taste of the thrilling pace of life out in the sea. With the right company and tour packages, you can be sure to have an unforgettable speed boat experience during your trip to Andaman.

Spots for Speed Boat Ride in Andaman:

The beautiful spots that you can choose while going for speed boat ride in ANdamn are:

Viper Island:

This unique island off the coast of Port Blair is well-known for its adventurous speed boating options. The island is surrounded by deep waters and is home to some of the most challenging speed boat rides in Andaman.

Three Degree Channel:

The spectacular Three Degree Channel, located between the North and Middle Andaman Islands, is a great spot for speed boats. Featuring a vibrant array of reef and sea life, the channel is also home to some of the most historically significant sites in Andaman.

Little Andaman:

Little Andaman features several great spots for speed boating, such as its tranquil creeks, mangrove swamps, and occasional dolphins. Boaters can also enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding rainforest.

Andaman Water Sports Complex:

The Andaman Water Sports Complex is the perfect spot for those who want to get the most out of their speed boating experience. There are several exciting activities for all age groups here, such as jet skiing and banana boat rides.


Off the eastern coast of North Andaman, the town of Mayabunder is ideal for speed boaters. This secluded town is surrounded by mangrove swamps and creeks, which provide excellent opportunities for speed boat rides.

Kalapathar Beach:

Kalapathar Beach is a great spot for a thrilling speed boat ride. It boasts of some of the most beautiful sea views in Andaman and is also a great spot for sightseeing and whale watching.

Sir William Peel Island:

Sir William Peel Island is a great spot for speed boaters looking for a challenging ride. With its deep waters, turbulent waves and treacherous currents, this is a spot for those who want to take their speed boating experience to the next level.

Long Island:

Long Island is one of the best spots for speed boat rides in Andaman. Boaters can enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding rainforest and beaches while taking a ride across the island.

Cost of Speed boat rides in Andaman:

The cost of a speed boat ride in Andaman varies depending on a number of factors like the type of boat you’re riding, the type of package chosen, and the duration of the ride. The majority of the speedboat rides available in Andaman are either half-day or full-day rides. Some of the most popular spots for speedboat rides in Andaman include Havelock Island, Neil Island, and Jolly Buoy. However, it is advisable to buy packages directly from the tour operators as they usually come at competitive rates. Speed boat rides in Andaman offer an adrenaline rush like no other, allowing guests to explore the stunningly beautiful island life of the region.


1. What should I wear for speed boat rides in Andaman?

Wear light, comfortable clothing and flat sandals or other closed-toe shoes. Bring a lightweight jacket for cool evenings. Wear sunscreen and a hat for protection from the sun.

2. What safety measures are adopted for speed boat rides in Andaman?

Before embarking, the operator will provide a safety briefing which includes instruction about the use of life-jackets. Professional guides ensure that pre-trip safety checklists are completed and all regulatory requirements are met.

3. Are there any restrictions on age for Speed boat rides in Andaman?

Most tour operators do not have age restrictions, although children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Check with the individual company you are using for their specific policies.

4. Are there any food options available on the Speed boat rides in Andaman?

Some companies provide complimentary snacks and drinks but most do not. It is recommended that you bring your own snacks and drinks if desired.

5. What type of activities are available during the Speed boat rides in Andaman?

Depending on the specific tour you choose, a variety of activities may be included such as snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and exploring any of the local islands.

6. How long do the Speed boat rides in Andaman last?

Tour lengths vary by company and depend on the activities included. Most day trips are between three and six hours, but longer trips may be available.

7. Are there bathrooms on the boat for Speed boat rides in Andaman?

Most tour operators provide access to portable bathrooms on board. It depends.