Trekking in Andaman!

Trekking in Andaman is a popular activity for travelers looking to explore and immerse themselves in the pristine beauty of this beautiful island chain. The tropical islands are quite diverse in their landscapes, ranging from lush rainforests, crystal-clear beaches, and stunning viewpoints. The best part about trekking in Andaman is that there are plenty of options to choose from, with routes of many difficulties that offer varied duration ranging from a few hours to days.

Owing to its geographical location, trekking in Andaman can be conveniently divided into three distinct regions which offer unique experiences and therefore appeal to different types of travelers.

Regardless of the trekking route you decide to take, Andaman offers some of the best trekking experiences in India, with breathtaking views and the chance to observe peculiar wildlife and unique fauna unique to the area.

Spots for trekking in Andaman:

The spots that are best suited for trekking are as follows:

1. Kala Pathar Trek:

Located in the Baratang Island of the Andaman group of Islands, the Kala Patthar trek is one of the most amazing treks to traverse in the archipelago. This easy-medium trek is perfect for both adults and children.

2. River Crossing Trek:

Located near the Corbyn’s Cove beach in Port Blair, this trek is considered as one of the most adventurous treks of the region, as one has to wade across the water streams and cross mangroves.

3. Saddle Peak Trek:

Situated at an elevation of 720 meters, Saddle Peak is the highest peak in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The trek begins from Junglighat and takes you through the dense forest, picturesque islands and breathtaking viewpoints.

4. Mount Harriet Trek:

Offering stunning views of the entire Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Mount Harriet Trek is ideal for both professionals and beginners who wish to experience the diverse flora and fauna of the archipelago.

5. Mundapahad Trek:

Located near Diglipur in North Andaman, Mundapahad Trek offers a chance to explore virgin beaches, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls on the way.

6. Southwest Coast Trek:

The Southwest Coast Trek is a moderately challenging trek located near Diglipur. It is a great trek for those looking for an easy-moderate adventure.

7. Ramnagar Beach to Vijaynagar Trek:

A relatively easy trek, the Ramnagar Beach to Vijaynagar Trek offers an amazing opportunity to explore the incredible beaches and captivating forests of Middle and South Andaman.

8. Kalipur Ridge Trek:

This trek is considered as one of the most difficult treks in Andaman and is perfect for those who wish to challenge themselves. Located near Mount Harriet National Park, it offers mesmerizing views of the region.

Cost of trekking in Andaman:

The cost of trekking in Andaman can vary greatly depending on the route chosen and the length of time spent in the area. Generally speaking, a one-day trek in the Andaman region will cost from around 500 to 2000 rupees. This includes the permit fees and transportation to and from the trekking location. The cost may increase if you hire a guide and rent equipment.

The cost can also depend on the type of accommodation chosen during the trek. Staying in a homestay can be quite affordable, while some of the more upscale options can cost several thousand rupees. Additionally, due to the remote location of the terrain, food prices are generally higher than in other parts of India. Having a packed meal or bringing your own food can help keep costs down.


1. What are the essential clothing and equipment items that I need to carry for trekking in Andaman?

You should carry trekking shoes, a light jacket, sun protection, a hat or cap, a raincoat, comfortable cotton clothes, a camera, mosquito repellent, and sufficient water and snacks.

2. What is the best time to plan a trip to Andaman for trekking?

The best time to plan a trek in Andaman is from October to April. This period has fewer threats from natural calamities and offers the best weather conditions for trekking.

3. Are there any restrictions for the night stay in Andaman for trekking purposes?

Yes, there are certain restrictions for night stay in Andaman. You need to register yourself at the authorized places like campgrounds, inns, lodges, and guest houses, before proceeding for any trekking activity.

4. What are the do’s and don’ts while trekking in Andaman?

It is important to adhere to a set of rules and regulations while trekking in Andaman. You should follow all the safety measures strictly, like stay on the paths, avoid traversing dangerous cliffs, do not litter, and avoid entering prohibited zones.

5. What are the permits required for trekking in Andaman?

Prior permission from the Forest Department is required for trekking in Andaman. It is important to register yourself with an authorized tour operator to obtain the trekking permit.

6. How can I stay connected while trekking in Andamans?

You can stay connected through your mobile network. Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, and BSNL provide mobile services in the Andaman. Additionally, you can get a prepaid SIM card from Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) to stay connected during trekking.