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Limestone Caves In Baratang Island

Want to explore Limestone Caves in Baratang Island? We are here to help you discover Baratang Island and its adventures. We have guided many travelers since 2018. 

Join us for fun through these amazing natural attractions. Our friendly guides will keep you safe and make sure you have a great time. Book your trip today and see the hidden beauty of Baratang Island.

Travel Guide Overview

About Baratang Island

Are you an island lover and love to spend your vacation on the sandy beaches? So, for your next vacation, plan your trip to Baratang Island. It is a heart island of the Andaman Islands, which gives everyone a happy welcome. If you are an adventure lover, you will definitely love this special island filled with natural wonders. 

Starting from amazing Limestone Caves to thick mangrove creeks, these are the main attractions of the island. Apart from this, the island has so much to offer to travelers. The Tidal Swamp Forests and Mud Volcanoes are truly interesting.

Baratang Island

Baratang is also home to some of the beautiful white sand beaches with pristine water and a tranquil atmosphere. Some of the beaches also provide different water sports activities for visitors. This post will be your guide to adding adventurous sightseeing places and activities to your travel plan.

Discover Limestone Caves

The limestone cave in Baratang island is  a top spot that travelers love to visit for an exciting boat ride. It’s about 4 km from the Nilambur jetty. You’ll have fun walking in the jungle and discovering the hidden animals. The coolest part is zooming in a speedboat to the limestone caves. 

Discover Limestone Caves

You will travel through creeks surrounded by mangrove forests. It’ll feel like you’re in a survival show! After the boat ride, you can walk to the jungle where there are huts to relax.

How to reach Limestone Caves in Baratang Island?

To reach the limestone caves in Baratang Island, simply contact us, and we’ll guide you and arrange everything for you. We’ll ensure you reach there stress-free with a memorable and enjoyable journey.

Where to stay in Limestone Caves Baratang Island?

We can help you find a good place to stay on Baratang Island. Let us know your budget and needs, and we’ll suggest the right options for you. Contact us and we will help you find a place that is comfortable for you.

Best Time To Visit Limestone Caves In Andaman?

Limestone Caves are in Andaman, and the best time to visit them is March to June. At this time the weather there is pleasant and pleasant compared to the cold season. When you go there at this time, you can fully see the beauty of the caves and enjoy their wonderful condition. During this period, you will also get to enjoy peaceful weather, which makes your trip more enjoyable.

Best Time To Visit Limestone Cave

Where to eat in in Limestone Caves Baratang Island?

When you reach here, you get to enjoy not only natural beauty but also best food. Limestone caves are a truly good experience, where you can enjoy unique cooking using best ingredients.

There are only a few places to eat here, but what there is, is unique and delicious. People come here and enjoy local food and simple food. It is best that when your food is delicious and in a rich environment, its taste doubles.

Some Facts About Limestone Caves In Baratang Island

Baratang Island has some very beautiful caves. By going here you will enjoy very strange and old caves. The caves here have distinct natural beauty and the sound of beautiful music comes from inside. The caves here are very unique because their soil is very special. By visiting these caves you will experience a hidden world.

Some Travel Tips For Limestone Caves In Andaman

The limestone caves are very beautiful, which impress every traveller. The journey to these caves is different and amazing, but it is very important to take care of some basic precautions. First of all, you should consult the right doctor for your safety. 

Before going into the cave, you should get information about the correct path and safety measures from your guide. When driving, remember not to leave garbage or plastic in the cave, as it can harm the environment. Also, one should not drink water in the cave and should try to keep it clean. By following these steps, you can enjoy the cave without any trouble.

Top Places to Visit on Baratang Island

Ahead of your vacation plan, you might be thinking about which places to add to your itinerary list. There are many top attractions of Baratang Island which you can cover in your vacation. Below is the list;

  • Mud Volcanoes
  • Parrot Island
  • Baludera Beach
  • Guitar Island
  • Merk Bay Beach
  • Strait Island

Mud Volcanoes

Baratang island limestone caves and mud volcano holds great historical importance, which attracts travelers with its story. The Mud Volcano erupted for the first time in 1988. Basically, that night, it started making loud noises, and by the next day, an area the size of a football field was covered in mud, and it had risen to a height of about 6 to 7 feet. Teak trees around the area were burnt all around. This mud volcano is now located about 7 km from Nilambur Jetty and is called Jarawa Creek by the locals. The place is very beautiful and offers a great view during the sunset.

Parrot Island

The name itself means this island. You will be happy to see large groups of parrots here. It just takes around 40 minutes to reach Parrot Island from Nilambur jetty. If you want to see its amazing view, the best time to visit is during sunset. This island will give you special moments to remember forever. 

You will be happy to see thousands of chirping parrots around the island. It will be a magical world to see this beautiful view. The water sounds, the sunset view, the parrots, and the mangroves all together make it a must-visit place. So, you cannot miss this in your travel plans.

Baludera Beach

Baludera Beach is covered with clear water and mangroves. It is a major attraction to travelers because of its calm and peaceful vibes. The atmosphere around the beach is very calm. This beach usually remains hidden to most visitors. The mangrove plants here are thick, and you will also find other trees around the rest huts, which give a fascinating view. You might not find water sports activities to enjoy, but you can enjoy swimming. Apart from this, the best thing to experience here is elephant riding. Also, you can have small picnics with your friends or family around this sandy beach.

Guitar Island

As per its name, Guitar Island prides itself on the Guitar shape and being non-commercial. The island has a very long, white, sandy beach. It is covered with large palm trees on one side, and you will notice calm water on the other side.

Guitar Island is regarded as a perfect place for those who want to see the diverse marine world. You will find here different types of shells which will be a great collection. The best part of the island is its special shape, which grabs the attention of the tourists. The island is also famous for hermit crabs. You can have a great time here.

Merk Bay Beach

Baratang Island is full of sparkling beaches. Merk Bay Beach has sparkling white sand, deep blue water, and beautiful green spaces that will make you fall in love with nature. This beach on North Passage Island offers many quiet spots. Merk Bay Beach is a perfect and beautiful place for couples to enjoy nature and adventure. If you want to see the amazing underwater world of the Andaman Islands, this is the place for you. The beach is famous for water activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

Strait Island

Strait Island is another very beautiful island just a few kilometers away from Baratang Island. This island is best for a daytime visit. This island in the Andaman Islands is not only a great spot for all nature lovers but also a main attraction for wildlife lovers who want to see the different animals that live in the Andaman Islands. It is home to rare wildlife.

When you visit this wonderful island, you can see many deer running around. For birdwatchers, this island is truly a paradise on earth. You will find many different kinds of birds this island has to offer.

Best Activities to Try On a Vacation in Baratang Island

Baratang Island is a great place to visit with lots of fun things to do. You can try water sports, go on underwater adventures, go hiking, and more. Your trip to Baratang Island will be full of excitement with these activities!

Boat Rides in limestone cave baratang island

Baratang Island is surrounded by beautiful mangrove wetlands. The tunnel is next to the stream area created by thick mangrove trees. It gives a great view of nature. The mangrove trees stretch over the water, leading to amazing limestone caves. During your boat ride, you’ll see many colorful birds. What’s cool is that this nice path gives lots of shade for tourists, even in the afternoon.

Coral Gazing in Baratang Island

The Mohwa Dera village now has a beautiful beach. Travelers come here to enjoy special things like looking at corals. This lets you see many rare sea animals in quiet water. The cool thing about this is you can ride in a boat with a glass bottom. This way, you can see the amazing corals really well. Also, you’ll see animals that live there. Remember, your trip to Baratang Island won’t be complete without trying this activity.

Hiking at Baratang Island

Hiking is a must-do activity at Baratang Island. It’s an adventure trip to the historic Mud Volcanoes. This activity is great for beginners or those looking for a gentle adventure. You can enjoy hiking while visiting the mud volcanoes. The hiking trail will show you how beautiful and amazing nature can be. When you start hiking to the mud volcanoes, you’ll see the greatness of nature and its beauty.

Scuba Diving in Baratang Island

Scuba diving is a must-do activity here. It’s super exciting and loads of fun. When you dive, you get to see amazing underwater creatures and explore the deep sea. Scuba diving is like going on an adventure underwater. You swim with all sorts of sea animals. It’s like time flies when you’re hanging out with them.

Sea Walking

Baratang Island is an ultimate destination that offers the calmest, clearest, and most pristine view of sea waters. The underwater world of this island gives an impressive view. Sea walking is an adventurous sport that concludes your vacation on the island. You will experience this activity at North Bay Island, which is a few km away from Baratang Island. Tourists experience amazing aquatic life under the vast ocean. Just imagine walking on those soft wetlands to witness beautiful sea creatures swimming around you.

Trekking in Limestone Caves

As you have already understood about the breathtaking beauty of the limestone caves, what really admires the tourists about the destination is the opportunity to go for trekking. Just imagine traversing the spectacular mangrove vegetation when you reach the cave. Trekking is an adventure cave that fulfills the desire to be close to nature. The intricate limestone designs alongside the rugged terrain give you an outstanding experience for every adventure seeker.

Thrilling Water Ventures and Activities in Baratang

Relaxing on the calm shores of Baratang Island is really peaceful. Bardera Beach has beautiful huts made in a way that’s good for the environment, all along the sand. Visitors can use these cabins for free and enjoy wide views of the beach. The beaches around Baratan Island aren’t just for chilling out, but also for fun water activities like swimming, canoeing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

How Do You Move Around in Baratang Island?

To reach and visit major attractions at Baratang Island, different transportation is available to travelers. To accompany your visits to numerous places near the islands, you will get convenient and cheaper rides. Let’s check out the transportation available;

Private Bus

The private buses are available from Port Blair. They are fully air-conditioned, this is why they charge a little high price. With these buses, you will get the option of taking special buses for day-tripping on Baratang Island. Reservations must be made in advance.

Government Ferry

The ferry fare is very reasonable as it is government-operated and takes only about 15 minutes to reach Baratang Island. This will be a great time saver. The only problem you will face is that this ferry will not come back to Port Blair on the same day, making it less preferred for the travel option for a one-day trip. So, plan your trip accordingly.

Government Bus

If you want to save money on rides, consider taking government bus rides from the STS bus terminal. These buses provide shared services, which makes the fare cheaper compared to private buses. You will get the buses from Port Blair in the morning, and it will assist you in traveling around Baratang Island. These buses will also give you rides to major attractions such as Baludera Beach and Mud Volcano.

Private Jeeps

You can hire private jeeps at Baratang Islands. These rides will take you to the historic Mud Volcano from the Baratang Jetty.

Private Cars

Hiring private cars and cabs will be way more convenient. It will be a one-time solution to cover all the tourist attractions on this island. You can hire it from Port Blair to Baratang.

Note: No scooter or bike rentals on this Island. Moreover, there is no access to auto rickshaws here.

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You can visit Baratang Island by arranging a ferry or boat trip from Port Blair. Our travel agency can help you book tickets and organize your transportation to ensure a smooth journey.

Yes, Baratang Island is considered safe for tourists. Our agency ensures that all travel arrangements are made with safety in mind, and we provide guidance to our clients to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

Our travel agency can assist you in arranging transportation to Baratang Island from Port Blair. We offer options for both ferry and boat trips, depending on your preferences and schedule.

To reach Baratang Island from Port Blair, you can book a ferry or boat trip through our agency. We provide convenient transportation options and assist with ticket booking to make your journey hassle-free.

You can reach Baratang Island by ferry or boat from Port Blair. Our travel agency facilitates transportation arrangements and offers guidance throughout the journey to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our clients.

From Havelock Island, travelers can return to Port Blair and then proceed to Baratang Island by ferry or boat. Our agency can help coordinate transportation between Havelock and Baratang Island to suit your travel itinerary.

Our travel agency provides transportation services from Port Blair to Baratang Island via ferry or boat. We handle all logistics and ensure that our clients have a seamless journey to their destination.

   Yes, Baratang Island is a must-visit destination for its natural beauty and unique attractions such as the limestone caves and mangrove forests. Our agency can help you plan an exciting itinerary to explore the island’s highlights and make the most of your visit.

   Baratang Island is located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India, approximately 100 kilometers north of Port Blair. Our travel agency offers packages and services to help travelers discover this beautiful and enchanting destination.

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