Parasailing In Andaman

Parasailing in the Andaman Islands is a fun experience. If you will do Parasailing then definitely you will get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the island safely.

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Parasailing In Andaman Island

Parasailing in Andaman is an exciting experience. Here you get to enjoy green beaches, coral reefs with blue waters, and breathtaking sea views. Sunbathing and beach picnics are fun, but the real suspense is in the sea. 

If you are a lover of water sports or doing it for the first time, parasailing in Andaman gives you the experience of flying high rising and enjoying the peace above the sea.Parasailing can be a unique experience for you in Andaman. Please contact us to book this trip.

Why should you go parasailing in the Andamans

Why should you go parasailing in the Andamans

There are many reasons to go parasailing in Andaman. It is an opportunity to see the unique natural beauty here. It is an exciting experience that takes you to new heights. It creates memorable moments that last a lifetime. It gives you an opportunity to see Andaman from a unique perspective.

Best Place For Parasailing In Andaman

There are some following best place for Parasailing In Andaman.Let us tell you about the best places to experience parasailing in Andaman:

Best Place For Parasailing In Andaman

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Organization of Port Blair

It is known as the main center of water sports activities in Andaman Islands. The parasailing experience here is not only about the excitement of parasailing but also alert you about how to enjoy the breath-taking views while enjoying the water sports.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island is Famous for its natural beauty, There are you will get best experience of parasailing. Contact us to book Parasailing in Havelock island and make your trip more memorable.

Corbin Cove Beach, Port Blair

You will get a view of the crescent-shaped shore, the vast blue sea, and the Port Blair city while experiencing parasailing here. Contact us to book Parasailing in Port Blair and make your trip more enjoyable.

Neil Island

This is another great place to experience untouched beauty and enjoy parasailing. Contact us to book Parasailing in Neil Island and enjoy your trip.

Best Time For Parasailing in the Andaman

The best time to experience parasailing in Andaman is from November to May. In this season, parasailing is a pleasure to experience with the calmness of the winds and the smoothness of the sea surface. The specialty of this time is that due to the lack of clouds and normal weather, you get more pleasure and happiness from parasailing.

Additionally, November to May is the best time of the year for parasailing in Andaman. This period is also good for organizing community festivals and local modern and traditional fairs. Not only do you enjoy parasailing, you can also explore the culture and mountain destinations of Andaman.

Cost of Parasailing In Andaman

  • Port Blair, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex: 3500 – 4500 
  • Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Port Blair: 3500 – 4500
  • Havelock Island: 4000 – 5000
  • Neil Island: 4000 – 5000

Things To Keep In Mind For Parasailing In Andaman-

1-Safety Briefing: It is important to always pay attention to the safety briefing provided by the instructors. They will give you instructions on what to do and what not to do during the activity, how to use safety gear, and what to do in an emergency.

2-Condition Assessment: It is important to evaluate your health and physical conditions before parasailing. This activity may not be a good idea if you have any health concerns, especially heart issues, or if you are pregnant.

3-Weather conditions: Parasailing is more dependent on weather conditions. So it is advisable to check the weather forecast for the day of your adventure.

4- Essential Items: You can also carry with you essential items like water bottle and sunscreen for sun protection. This will help you make your journey more enjoyable.

Parasailing Duration in Andaman

The duration of parasailing in Andaman is usually 5-10 minutes, but with the safety instructions to follow, setting up the harness, and the boat ride to complete the entire experience, the total time can be up to about an hour.


A glass bottom boat ride is a special type of tour in which the bottom of the boat has a glass bottom, allowing passengers to view marine life without going into the water.

Fees for glass bottom boat rides may vary by location. for more information contact.

The best time for a glass bottom boat ride is from November to March, when the sea water is calm and clear. 

During this trip you can see marine life, such as fishes, marble creatures and other sea creatures. 

It is absolutely safe to ride a glass bottom boat in Havelock. 

Yes, family members can be taken for the Glass Bottom Boat Ride. 

Yes, it is best to make prior reservations for the Glass Bottom Boat Ride.

In this journey there is a special experience of marine life, which can be seen without going into the water. 

Yes, Glass Bottom Boat Ride is absolutely safe and self-approved.

₹20000 per Person


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