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Green Ocean 1 is a ferry that launched in 2015. This ferry is like the government ferries, but more comfortable. Here you get more seating and space.

It has open decks from where you can enjoy the sea view. You get a chance to enjoy better views, entertainment, and music while traveling.

The total seating capacity is 198 seats divided into four classes – Lower Deck – Economy, Executive, and Upper Deck – Luxury and Royal Class.

Green Ocean 1 offers a different experience to travelers on Andaman Islands. In this, passengers get plenty of space to walk during their journey. It has comfortable seats and passengers can easily travel throughout the journey.

The ferry is equipped with snacks, beverages, television, and a music system. You can select your seat.

Photographers are advised to choose Green Ocean 1 while returning from Havelock as the sunset view here is spectacular.

Terms & Conditions

Photo ID: Bring valid photo ID card at the time of check-in.

Reporting Time: Report one hour in advance for the journey.

Check-in Counter: Check-in counter closes 15 minutes before departure.

Boarding: Boarding closes 10 minutes before departure.

Name Correction: Name correction cannot be done after booking the ticket.

Correct names: Keep track of the correct names of all passengers.

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