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Natural Bridge Neil Island

Are you excited to see the Natural Bridge in Neil Island? We will help you in exploring the Natural Bridge with our guide. Neil Island is the best location for adventures.

Join us for this breathtaking and fun adventure. Reach out to us right now to arrange your travel and explore all the amazing locations on this lovely Island of Andaman and Nicobar.

Travel Guide Overview

About Natural Bridge Neil Island

The Natural Bridge of Neil Island is a very beautiful place. It is like a bridge, which creates a unique view by running over the sea. This bridge is a symbol of the beauty of Neil Island and its uniqueness is the biggest attraction. 

Tourists come here to see its beauty and enjoy the natural beauty. The Natural Bridge of Neil Island makes your trip memorable, letting you enjoy the heavenly views and providing peace to your soul.

About Natural Bridge Neil Island

How To Reach Niel Island

If you want to go to Neil Island of Andaman, you have to first arrange ferry services from Port Blair. This is a very beautiful and exciting island. You have to first reach Andaman by reaching Port Blair and from there using a ferry or speed boat.

During this journey you will get the opportunity to enjoy the lush green shores of the sea. Here you can also have a unique experience with marine life. You will feel very different by going to Andaman, and you will always remember the charming atmosphere here.

Best Time To Visit Niel Island

Neil Island is a beautiful place in Andaman. Here there is a combination of peace, clear water and ocean waves, which draws you in. The beauty here shines from November to May. The sun’s rays fall on the soil and the sea water turns blue. The weather here is pleasant and full of freshness of the sea, which draws you in.

Best Time To Visit Niel Island

Things To Do In Neil Island

Your journey on the Natural Bridge of Neil Island will be a memorable experience.  The view here is very beautiful, where you can enjoy the waves of the sea and the sound of birds. A morning walk here gives immense peace. Colorful corals and sea creatures can be seen near the Natural Bridge. The view of sunrise and sunset is very beautiful here. This place is very good for photography. The natural beauty of the Natural Bridge will make your journey special.

Top Rated Water Sports In Island

You get to experience some of the best water sports at Neil Island. These games can make your trip memorable:

Scuba Diving: Going under the sea and seeing colorful coral reefs and fishes is a unique experience.

Banana Boot Safari: Watching the marine creatures through the jungle boot is also very exciting.

Enjoy the beauty of Neil Island by including these games in your trip.

Top Rated Water Sports In Island

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About The Natural Rock Formation

The natural rock formations located in Andaman are a unique and attractive tourist destination. This place is not only full of natural beauty but is also very important from the geological point of view. 

The rocks here have been formed by the effect of sea waves and winds over thousands of years, which are extremely unique and picturesque to look at. These rocks display the wonderful art of nature and mesmerize the tourists. 

By visiting this place, you will get a unique experience of natural beauty, which will fill your mind with peace and joy. Come, witness this amazing natural wonder with us and enjoy the beauty of Andaman.

About The Natural Rock Formation

Natural Bridge at Neil Island

The Natural Bridge of Neil Island is one of the unique natural wonders of Andaman. This fascinating rock is a unique creation created by the sea waves and natural forces. The Natural Bridge is extremely popular among tourists due to its unique shape and structure. The view here is very attractive during sunset.

The natural beauty and calm atmosphere of this place fills the mind of every visitor with peace and freshness. The route to reach the Natural Bridge is also exciting, where tourists pass through beautiful beaches and paths surrounded by greenery. A visit to this amazing place will make your stay in Andaman unforgettable.

Highlights of Natural Bridge & Neil Island

Natural Bridge is a special attraction of Neil Island, which is very popular among tourists. This amazing structure is formed due to time and sea waves and attracts everyone with its beauty. When the sea waves retreat, this bridge looks even more beautiful. 

The calm environment and clean beaches here make it even more special. Marine life can also be seen here, which makes this place more exciting. A visit to Natural Bridge shows the specialties of Neil Island as well as brings you closer to this unique wonder of nature.

Highlights of Natural Bridge and Neil Island

Nearby Hotels in Natural Bridge, Neil Island

There are some special hotels near Neil Island Natural Bridge that provide you with a special experience of your trip. Hotels like Neil Island Beach Resort, Silver Sunds Beach Resort, and Tours Beach Resort can be a paradise of peace and relaxation for you. 

These hotels are located near natural beauty and are famous for their best services and specialties. Here you can enjoy the natural beauty and relax. These hotels provide you comfort in their atmosphere. The highest quality of cleanliness and safety is ensured. Enjoy your trip and enjoy nature at the hotels here.

How to Reach Natural Bridge, Neil Island

The Natural Bridge on Neil Island is a unique and beautiful site that you must visit. It is also very easy to reach. The easiest way is to take a boat from Port Blair to Neil Island’s Neil Ghat. To reach it, you have to ride the boat for the next 45 minutes. 

When you reach Neil Island, you have to take an auto or rickshaw to reach the Natural Bridge. After reaching the Natural Bridge, you will experience the natural beauty and peace that will touch your heart.

Top Places To Visit In Neil Island

Before planning your vacation to Neil Island, you must have a list of places you must visit. It is the ideal destination for beach lovers and people who enjoy natural beauty. You will also find other attractions to enjoy while on Neil Island. Following are the top places to visit in Neil Island:

  1. Bharatpur Beach
  2. Laxmanpur Beach
  1. Natural Rock Formation
  1. Sitapur Beach
  1. Neil Centre Bazaar
  1. Ramnagar Beach

Each tourist destination has its specialties that attract travelers from all over the world. Here is an outline of the popular places to visit in Neil Island.

Bharatpur Beach

If you want to do adventure activities then Bharatpur Beach is the place for you. You can do scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming here. Explore the marine life with scuba diving as the adrenaline pumps through your veins.

You can also play beach volleyball or take a stroll along the beach. At Bharatpur Beach you can have peace of the silent beach while having sun.

Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach is the perfect spot for people seeking calmness and breathtaking views of nature. However, you should expect something other than watersports activities as the beach has strong ocean currents.

You can use the peace on the beach for some internal reflection in a relaxed state. The different secluded spots on Laxmanpur Beach help you take a look at the sunset on the beach to discover a new perspective on life. 

You can experience the best sunset in your lifetime on Neil Island. Make sure that you take a bite of the local snacks. It would help if you also shopped for souvenirs in the gift shops on Laxmanpur Beach.

Natural Rock Formation

Natural Rock Formation

Would you believe that Neil Island has its own Howrah Bridge? It is different from the famous bridge in Kolkata. The natural rock formation resembles a bridge and is one of the most popular attractions crafted by nature.

The spot has attracted visitors as a new natural bridge takes shape. It gives the best place to have a glimpse of the artistic force of nature. Take your cameras with you and click some remarkable photographs that will remind you of your time on Neil Island.

Sitapur Beach

Sitapur Beach is located south of Neil Island—a place to escape city life. Tourists come to Sitapur Beach to relax and unwind amidst greenery and white sand beach. If your kids love Disney movies, they will love Sitapur Beach.

Once you get to the shore you can see the open sea. You will see beauty. Beach is so calm you can let your kids run wild. Sit on the sand and let the waves touch your feet and just relax. You will forget all your worries as you listen to the waves and the sea air.

Neil Kendra Market

Neil Kendra Market

Neil Island is not the spot for finding shopping malls. After all, you are visiting the island to explore nature. If you still want to shop on Neil Island, go to Neil Kendra Market. The market is located near Neil Jetty and has a charming aura that no one should miss while on Neil Island. One of the best things you can find in the Neil Kendra market is organic and fresh produce, including fruits, seafood, and vegetables.

You can find different types of locally sourced products and farm-fresh ingredients that you can use in your kitchen. Try your bargaining skills, and don’t hesitate to haggle, as it is a common practice in the market. With some great discounts, you could have an enjoyable shopping experience.  

Ramnagar Beach

Ramnagar Beach

Ramnagar Beach is another must-visit place in Neil Island. It’s a hidden gem and the best for all. The S-shaped coral reef is the most exciting thing here. You can find the best spot to see the collage of nature with blue-green waters, blue sky, and white sand. It’s a must-visit for people who want to have ‘me time’ during vacation.

For adventure seekers, Ramnagar Beach has plenty of options. Snorkeling is one of the most exciting activities, as it allows you to see coral reefs and underwater life.

Best Activities To Try On A Vacation On Neil Island

The beaches in Neil Island and the adventure activities help you have one of the best vacations. Besides the beaches, you can try out different activities and make memories for a lifetime. Here are the popular activities you should try during your holiday in Neil Island.

Jungle Trek

Jungle Trek In Neil Island

The tropical forests in Neil Island are notable attractions alongside the beaches. It would help if you went jungle trekking through different parts of the forest with an experienced guide. Discover the beauty of nature up close with the flora and fauna of Neil Island as you roam the wilderness. 

On the island, you can find different types of trees, such as neem, sea mohwa, and mangroves. The guide would also explain the benefits of other trees in the jungle and how they are used in different households.


Cycling In Neil Island

You would be surprised to discover that Neil Island is a small island with a total area of 19 square km. Neil Island has flatter terrain than other Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You can rent a bike and explore the beaches, green forests, and the village on a motorcycle.

Cycling is the cheapest and most available method of transportation in Neil Island. Tourists can rent bicycles from their resort or in the market for 100 INR daily.


Fishing In Neil Island

Fishing in Neil Island is a different experience for fishing lovers. Try out your fishing passion with some of the best options on the island: big game fishing in the open sea or line fishing without going into the open sea.

Locals can help you with shore fishing, but you would need professional help for big game fishing. Professional fishing sports centers have the equipment and knowledge to navigate the waters around Neil Island. You can have a great time with the professionals.

Snorkeling And Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving In Neil Island

Neil Island is a snorkeler’s and scuba diver’s paradise. The best time for snorkeling is during high tide. At low tide, the water is shallow on the beaches, and there is a risk of injury from the corals.

Bharatpur Beach and Laxmanpur Beach are the best for snorkeling. Ramnagar Beach also has some good spots to see the underwater world. Bharatpur Beach is best for snorkeling and more chances of seeing dugongs in the nearby mangroves. 

Ramnagar Beach is also good for snorkeling to see the coral reefs in the clear water. Take professionals for snorkeling boat trips and carry all the equipment before you start.


Natural Bridge is located on Neil Island.

Natural Bridge is located on Neil Island. Take a ferry from Port Blair to Neil Island, which takes 45 minutes. Once you reach Neil Island, you can go to Natural Bridge by auto or rickshaw.

The Natural Bridge on Neil Island looks very beautiful in the morning and evening. The peace and clean beaches at this time make your soul feel good.

On Neil Island, you can do many things, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, cycling, jungle trekking, fishing, and more.

There are some special hotels near Natural Bridge, like Neil Island Beach Resort, Silver Sands Beach Resort, and Tours Beach Resort. These resorts bring you closer to nature and provide a calm atmosphere.

There are many other beautiful places near Natural Bridge, such as Bharatpur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, Sitapur Beach, and Ramnagar Beach.

The weather on Neil Island is very pleasant and calm from November to May.

You can see the blue sea and colorful coral reefs by scuba diving and snorkeling on Neil Island.

The journey by boat, auto, or rickshaw to Natural Bridge is 45 minutes.

Different packages are available for Neil Island based on your budget and requirements.

Water sports like scuba diving, water king sailing, and banana boat safari are available on Neil Island.

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