Sea Walk In Andaman

Sea Walk In Andaman is very enjoyable for everyone who is planning an Andaman trip. Contact us to make your trip more memorable with so many water activities.

Travel Guide Overview

Sea Walk In Andaman Island

Sea Walking In Andaman is a unique experience for everyone. You can enjoy all the natural things whatever exists surrounding the sea. There is no cost for walking around the islands but if you want to walk underwater of the sea then there will be an affordable cost for you.

There are so many islands for sea walks in Andaman like Havelock , Port Blair etc . These islands are the most popular for sea walks in Andaman.

Best Place For Sea Walk In Andaman

There are so many places for sea walk in Andaman but Havelock and North Bay are the most popular for sea walk.

Sea Walk at Havelock

Havelock, more specifically Hathi Beach, is a haven of all water sports in Andaman and probably has the most diverse collection in one place in India. So it’s no surprise that sea walking originated on the island and is still the best place to experience it.

Bordering the waters surrounding the beach is famous for the extensive strips of marine volcanic formations that can be reached by tourists in the Indian Ocean.

This dense marine forest houses some of the most colorful and rare fishes of the Andamans.

Sea Walk at North Way

As a walking in the sea the second best is North bay in Andaman which is permanently the preferred by tourists to see the beauty below. Coral is not large; however, it is divided into small but dense areas that hold a lot of great fish and shrimps waiting for a stare of wonder and fear.

This island is able to visit only by ferry and there are no hotels or any residences in the island so before the night comes you have to return to Port Blair. I advise you to go to this island if you have free time and want to get new experience.

Sea Walk Cost In Andaman

The current average cost of a sea walking tour in Andaman is around Rs 4500/- per person. This includes a unique experience with marine creatures, use of snorkeling gear, insurance and immediate medical assistance.

However, the cost of experiencing this at Elephant Beach may be a bit high as demand is high due to its popularity. This journey that takes you inside the ocean is an immersive experience in which you become a part of real marine life. Therefore, this expensive talent is also accepted because of the unique and priceless experience it brings.

How does Sea Walk works?

Walking in the sea is accompanied by wearing a special helmet, which has a transparent visor that allows you to see underwater. A breathing apparatus is attached to this helmet which facilitates normal breathing underwater.

Qualified lifeguards help you get into the water and stay with you during the sea walk to ensure your safety. Underwater, you enjoy the suburban ocean world, experiencing walking on the ocean floor, which feels like walking on the moon.

Best Sea Walk In Andaman

The best place to do a sea walk in Andaman is North Bay Island. Here, you can walk underwater wearing a special helmet and explore the colorful marine life.

It is a unique experience where you can see the fishes and corals up close. Trained guides ensure your safety, making it a memorable and safe adventure for all.

Deep Sea Diving In Andaman

Deep sea diving is the best experience in Andaman. Here you can enhance your diving skills and enjoy the celebration in the depths of the sea. This is a unique opportunity where you can experience the colorful marine life and satisfy your curiosity.

Trained diving instructors will accompany you to ensure your safety. Deep sea diving with Andaman will be a unique and memorable experience.


Sea Walking is walking on the ocean floor wearing a special helmet for breathing, allowing observation of marine life.

Sea Walking in Andaman costs around Rs 4500 per person on average, covering equipment rental and guided tour.

Havelock Island and North Bay Island are popular for Sea Walking due to their vibrant marine ecosystems.

Deep Sea Diving involves using scuba equipment to explore deeper underwater areas, while Sea Walking allows walking on the ocean floor with a helmet for breathing.

Yes, Sea Walking in Andaman is beginner-friendly, requiring no prior experience or swimming skills. 

 Participants aged 10-50 years are generally eligible, with precautions for certain medical conditions.

Strict safety protocols, including equipment checks, supervision, and emergency procedures, ensure participant safety.

Yes, underwater photography is often permitted, following guidelines to ensure safety for participants and marine life.

₹20000 per Person


(inclusive 5% GST)


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