Glass Bottom Boat Ride In Andaman

Explore Glass Bottom Ride In Andaman. Glass Bottom Ride is the best part of the Andaman trip. Contact us to book this ride and make your trip memorable.

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Glass Boat In Andaman

Glass Boat In Andaman

Experience the Glass Bottom Ride In Andaman and make your trip unforgettable. This boat is specially designed so that you can enjoy the underwater world without getting wet. The boat has a transparent glass part. This boat provides the facility to view the fishes.In this unique journey, you can enjoy exciting scenery along with marine life.

These boats also attract those who are not adept swimmers or scuba divers. This boat is a great way to get an inside look at the unique marine life of the Andaman Islands. Through the transparent side of the boat, you can beautifully view the fishes, coral reefs, and other marine life.

Types of Glass Bottom Boat Rides

  • Basic Glass Bottom Boat
  • Dolphin Glass Boat Ride
  • Semi Submarine (Recommended)

Best Place for Andaman Boat Trip

There are so many excellent places for boat trips in Andaman like Port Blair, Havelock Island, Neil Island etc , where you can enjoy Glass Boat Trip In Andaman. In these places you will enjoy the beauty of fishes.

You will find a variety of boat trips options for tourists here like glass boats, deep diving, and snorkeling.By taking a boat trip to these places, you can beautifully see and enjoy the Boat Trip of Andaman.

Best Place for Andaman Boat Trip

Havelock - North Bay and Elephant Beach

North Bay and Elephant Beach in Havelock are also ideal boating destinations. Here you can enjoy a lot of water sports and have fun playing with marine life. The environment here is also very good, which makes your journey more exciting.

Port Blair - North Bay and Jolly Bui Island

North Bay in Port Blair and Jolly Bui Island are among the most popular and attractive destinations in Andaman for Boat trips. During the boat trip here, you can enjoy snorkeling with fishes and underwater beauty.

Neil Island – Bharatpur Beach

Bharatpur Beach of Neil Island is also a unique place to view marine life. Here you can spend a lot of time watching the fishes and enjoy Glass bottom Boat Ride.

Andaman Boat Trip

Andaman boat trip gives us a unique and exciting experience of marine life. This boat has been specially designed so that we can enjoy the marine life without getting wet in water. In this we can see the fishes beautifully, as well as enjoy the attractive view of coral reef, aquatic creatures and other sea creatures.

From inside the boat we get a chance to experience marine life without any risk. Through this journey we not only feel close to our beloved creatures, but we also get to enjoy the natural forest. This journey makes us understand the importance of the marine environment, making us aware of preserving it.

Underwater Boat In Andaman

Underwater boat trip in Andaman is a unique experience. This boat is specially designed so that passengers can enjoy the marine life without getting wet in the water.

We can see the fishes through the transparent side of the boat. We can also see dazzling coral reefs and other sea creatures. This journey makes us understand the importance of the marine environment. Underwater boat trip in Andaman is a lovely and unique experience for every traveler.

Underwater Boat In Andaman

Best Time For Andaman Glass Bottom Boat

The best time for glass bottom boat trips in Andaman is from November to March. During this time the sea water is calm and clear, so you can see the fishes and coral reefs.

The environment is also good and the weather is wonderful, due to which you can enjoy the Andaman Glass Boat trip. So, if you want to enjoy a glass bottom boat trip, it would be best to go during these months.

Best Time For Andaman Glass Bottom Boat

Types of Glass-Bottom Boats

  • Andaman Dolphin Glass Boat Ride
  • Semi-Submarine at Havelock Island
  • Coral Safari Semi-Submarine Ride
  • Skyline Glass-Bottom Boats
  • Customized Glass-Bottom Boats
  • Original Glass-Bottom Boat
  • Transparent Wall Glass-Bottom Boats
  • Fixed glass-bottom boat
  • Permanent glass-bottom boats

Essential reminders for boat trips in Andaman

  1. Carry sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from sun rays. 
  2. Drink a lot of drinking water provided especially for increased need of water during the journey. 
  3. Follow the safety instructions provided by the boat team. 
  4. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for water activities. 
  5. Respect marine life and do not throw garbage in the sea. 
  6. Keep your valuables safe and sound during travel. 
  7. Notify someone of your travel plans and expected return time.


A glass bottom boat ride is a special type of tour in which the bottom of the boat has a glass bottom, allowing passengers to view marine life without going into the water.

Fees for glass bottom boat rides may vary by location. for more information contact.

The best time for a glass bottom boat ride is from November to March, when the sea water is calm and clear. 

During this trip you can see marine life, such as fishes, marble creatures and other sea creatures. 

It is absolutely safe to ride a glass bottom boat in Havelock. 

Yes, family members can be taken for the Glass Bottom Boat Ride. 

Yes, it is best to make prior reservations for the Glass Bottom Boat Ride.

In this journey there is a special experience of marine life, which can be seen without going into the water. 

Yes, Glass Bottom Boat Ride is absolutely safe and self-approved.

₹20000 per Person


(inclusive 5% GST)


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