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Kayaking In Andaman

Kayaking in the Andamans is so much fun. Enjoy unique activities like night and bioluminescence kayaking in Andaman guided by experts. Plan your Andaman kayak tours in Havelock Island, Neil Island and other locations and Make your trip memorable.

Travel Guide Overview

Kayaking In Andaman Island

Kayaking in Andaman is very fun. Here you can enjoy unique natural beauty. Walking between forests and water, it is a different kind of fun.

Kayaking gives you a chance to see the beauty of Andaman. By tightening your arms, this is also a good exercise to make your hands stronger. And you can also get a quick look of the marine world while paddling in the blue waters of the sea.

Kayaking In Andaman Island

Protect yourself from the sun’s rays while kayaking. Always wear a hat and apply sunscreen lotion when visiting the ocean. This is necessary for your safety.

Plan to enjoy kayaking with your kids in Andaman. The air is very clean and the water condition is also good. Children need to sit straight and you can make them sit next to you. Be careful and water them from time to time.

Best Place For Kayaking In Andaman

Best Place For Kayaking In Andaman

Kayaking in Rose Island

To kayak around Rose Island, rent a kayak from a trusted place. Pick a route that matches your skill level. Wear a life jacket and check the weather. Take breaks, drink water, and use sunscreen. Ask locals for places tips. Following these steps ensures a safe, enjoyable kayaking journey around Rose Island.

Kayaking in Neil Island

To kayak in Neil Island, first hire a kayak from a good place. Then, choose the path that works best for you. Always wear a life jacket and check the weather before you go. Be nice to animals in the sea. Take a break and enjoy the beautiful views. Drink water and wear sunscreen. Ask locals for good spots for kayaking. Following these tips will help you have an enjoyable and safe time kayaking in Nile Island.

Kayaking in Baratang

Kayaking in Baratang provides a wonderful opportunity to see the natural beauty of the Andaman Islands. Contact us to make your journey amazing.

Kayaking in Havelock

There are some popular kayaking spots like Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, and Kalapathar Beach, each famous for its own specialty and beauty.

Best Time For Kayaking In Andaman Island

The best time to go kayaking in the Andaman Islands is from November to April. During this time the weather is good and the sea remains calm. With sunny days and clear waters, this is a great time to explore the beaches. 

Be sure to check the weather forecast before leaving. And if you want to avoid the crowds, consider visiting in November or April rather than December to March.

Best Time For Kayaking In Andaman Island

Cost of Kayaking in Andaman

There are various options for boat tours in the Andaman Islands. For Havelock Island, you can choose between day, night, or bioluminescence tours, each lasting around 2 hours and priced at ₹3,499/-, ₹3,699/-, and ₹3,799/- respectively. Similarly, in Port Blair, you have the same options with similar durations and prices. Neil Island offers day tours lasting 2 hours for ₹3,499/-. Additionally, there’s a day tour option for Baratang lasting 1 hour at the same price.

Cost of Kayaking in Andaman

Night Kayaking in Andaman

Night kayaking in Andaman Islands is a special and exciting experience in which you sail in the dark. Keep safety in mind and go with a good guide who will provide you with a life jacket and lights for your kayak. Choose a quiet location where there aren’t too many boats around.

Carry things like a flashlight and snacks, and check the weather first to make sure it’s safe. Do not make too much noise and do not shine bright lights in the water, be conscious of nature conservation. Follow the rules and enjoy the beautiful night peace of the Andaman Islands as you watch the glowing plankton and beautiful night sky.

Bioluminescence Kayaking Andaman

Bioluminescence kayaking in the Andaman Islands is a good experience. Kayaking in the sea is amazing fun when the water sparkles at night. This glow is caused by small organisms called bioluminescent plankton. When you walk in water, these creatures glow. 

Havelock Island and Neil Island are very popular for these special tours. You will be under the protection of a guide while enjoying this ride. This is like a dream, surrounded by the light of nature. Here, you’ll make memories that stay with you forever.

Andaman Kayak Tours

Andaman Kayak Tours offer a great fun outing. Here you can speak safely with your guide and set out exploring the surrounding waters. If you are new or experienced in kayaking, tours are for everyone. It is a very memorable experience and stays in your mind forever.

Andaman Kayak Tours


Yes, it is safe to go kayaking in Andaman, but you must follow safety precautions.

Yes, night kayaking in Andaman can be safe, but you must follow safety rules and go with a good guide.

Bioluminescence kayaking means sailing with a kayak glowing with the plankton that are present in the water.

Yes, bioluminescence kayaking is fun in Andaman because of the plankton glowing in the water at night.

You can book Andaman kayaking tours from an organization that offers kayaking facilities.

The best time to go kayaking in Andaman is from November to April, when the weather is pleasant and the sea is calm.

Follow safety rules when kayaking, such as wearing a life jacket, wearing a hat to protect from the sun’s rays, and being mindful of potential risks.

Kayaking can be done in Andaman at many special places like Havelock, Neil and Baratang.

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